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Thread: Anyone from Wyoming post here

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    Just found this site. Looking to see who else might be about. Looks like there's alot of Eastern states folks. Been a few years but I was raised in Ohio. Moved out here in late 70's to chase wild Wapiti's and work in the mountains. Both things have changed a bit. Don't get to chase the critters as much anymore. Mostly follow my Labs for Ringnecks in ND, NE and a little here in Wy.

    I may get out after Antelope and Muleys again this year, first in several. Last Elk I killed, almost killed me back when I packed him off the mountain. The work begins after your arrow or bullet does its job.

    Well, post up and let me know your alive.

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    11 years old post reply, might be a record?

    the title says, " for northeast hunters..." so, I think we are the odd men out here, plus they think WY is in the I've been on here for abit...not much to say.

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    LOL. What's a wapiti?

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