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Thread: North for Moose

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grandkid View Post
    Nice day in the moose woods. What type of training did you put your dog through to work on sheds?

    We brought him home to be a family dog, but I figured I might as well try to train him to find sheds and retrieve grouse.

    Started by giving him only antlers as "toys" when we brought him home. Taught him the "find it" and "bring it" commands with treats for rewards. Lots of fetch with an antler (still). Slowly started hiding antlers in the house (usually with a treat on top of them or near them), transitioned to outside in the yards then to the woods around home.

    He found his first moose antler when he was 10 months old buried in 18" of snow. He's found a few since but I don't get him in the moose woods nearly enough (only a day or two each year). He doesn't have the best nose but its still alot better than mine!

    He's just a great dog - unbelievable with kids and makes walks in the woods more fun.
    That's how you do it...

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    The training with an antler and treat makes lots of sense. Hiding them and playing fetch makes it fun for him and gratifying for you. Labs are wonderful dogs to have as a house pet (minus the shedding) and in the woods. I bet having him find an antler at 10 months in 18" of snow surprised you. It's proof under the right conditions that nose is super!

    Congratulations on the find from the Maine woods. Nice to add to the pile I bet.


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