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Thread: 2 Questions about goose hunting

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    Hi guys, I am brand new to this forum and I just recently began archery. After a summer of practice, I got my license and got my first ever bow kill last week: 2 ptarmigans and 1 grouse. I had Judo points (didn't work) and a point with 4 wire-loops which worked really well for me. I believe it worked because of the short distance between me and the bird. My closest sight was set at 50ft, and since the wired-loop was heavy, it seemed to compensate for the error.

    Okay, now I would love to go goose hunting, and I am wondering what kind of 10mm pistol should I get?

    Also, being in Abbotsford and having tons of them around, how do I find out if I'm allowed hunt in a specific area?

    Thanks in advance,
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    Actually you joined here in 2017 and did not respond to any of the members questions or welcomes.
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