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    Hi Folks,

    Well this weekend I'll be doing something I swore I'd never do that is scoping out some property for a lease this coming fall. I guess its the way of the world so I'm rolling with it. We will be heading out to Gallia County, specifically Gallipolis Oh.

    If any of you are familiar with the area and could give some pointers please feel free to share. Good area? stay clear? not sure what to expect. Should we get the piece we would have it for the entire season but will most likely just use it for bow season maybe late season muzzle loader.

    Any pointers for first time property leaseors?

    Any and all tips for an old north woods guy would be appreciated!


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    Do you still live in the north woods, Maine? What are you looking for? Meat, nice racks?( Aren't we all?)

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