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    Hello everyone,

    I just got back from serving 4 years overseas and got stationed in Northern Virginia. I have hunted the Midwest and Western states, but never Mid-Atlantic. I was hoping for some pointers for the area. I have a farmer letting me use his land as he wants the deer shot off of it and he doesn't hunt. This will be in the Marshall area of Virginia. It's a plot farm with 300 yds/ 250 yds, north, east and west side bounded by a treeline and the south by a road. The farmer says there are a lot of deer but there are houses in the area too so i'm limited to shotgun, crossbow or muzzleloader. Do hunters out here have to have a tree stand, or do ground blinds work as well? Scent eliminators necessary? Any tips for deer in the area? My last hunt was a european deer stalk in Scotland and you basically just walk up a mountain and shoot a stag, no real ambush tactics or anything. Any advice would be helpful, i'm only here for a year and don't want to buy a bunch of equipment i'd just have to sell, was hoping to just grab a camo net and a camp chair and sit in a tree line.

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    Wish I could help out but most guys on here are New England guys.....but welcome

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    If you want to do it on the cheap, and only there 1 year.
    I would go scout, find some well used runs that intersect.
    Then go out there and build a natural ground blind 50 to 75 yards from the intersecting runs.
    Stack up logs about neck high from a comfortable sitting position, and hunt it. Sit it as long as possible.

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    A lot of open land in the Marshall area ..I would do some scouting and use a climber so you can be mobile. I like ground blinds on the edge of fields..Not sure exactly where you are west of town is wooded and so is south but east and north or more open and lots of Ag... if close to town I would go with a Bow (just my preference) or a shotgun ,a pump slug gun..
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