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Thread: Wild Mushrooms - Chicken of the Woods?

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    When I was a lot younger and into bird hunting my mother would always give me a bag to take along and told me to collect some mushrooms. My father always told me never to pick any that weren't fluted underneath. When I got them home my mother would wash and inspect them. Then put in a lge. pot to boil and would put a silver coin in with them. She said if the coin turned black throw them out. Otherwise she would put most in the spaghetti sauce. The rest my Dad would make some Italian dish for a real treat.

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    Wild mushrooms are one thing I'm really looking forward to in the north east. More moisture means more mushrooms.

    I drove 100 miles yesterday to a good spot. I picked 2 grocery sacks of oysters and elm oysters (those aren't too well known. My personal favorite of any. I'm actually frying some up now to put on a pizza for an early lunch. I'm going to miss my good morel spots though. I picked just over 100lbs 2 years ago. Last year was terrible. I averaged 1 per 5 miles of walking.

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    Every year i get a few chicken of the woods in my back yard. Unfortunatly i didn't know what they were until last year after they rotted away... i planned on harvesting them this year, and ended up missing them again.. ill have to keep a closer watch next year...

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