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Thread: Martin Lamer Dec 6-11 Galiote Dec11- 16

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    Default Martin Lamer Dec 6-11 Galiote Dec11- 16

    Booked back to back winer hunts at 2 different camps with my parents. I have to say, this was one of the slowest hunts
    I have ever seen. I can pretty much rock and roll and do what it takes to find the deer, but my parents are limited. Being that the migration was at a stand still it pretty much came down to if you see horns, shoot. My mother came to that conclusion after the first day when she passed on a 3 pointer. That animal was the only sure shot she would have all week. If you told me that from the beginning, I would have said no way, but I witnessed it. As for my dad, he harvested a doe early on and never saw a buck to shoot. He could have takin another doe, but having another week at Galiote, he held out. Actually he did see one or two bucks of some kind from the truck hauling ... As for me, I walked north from the barber shop. I got lucky and met up with a heavy horned 8 pointer. A 200 yard shot from my new Browning .270 win did the trick. A real nice animal. That was at about after walking 2 1/2 to 3 miles. I field dressed him and continued on. I continued to walk the river and finally met up with a trail that would take me to the old landing strip. That buck was the only deer I saw on this long trek. Ah.. but the right deer. The trail was loaded with tracks and I took note of it. All in all it was a 7 mile walk with one on the ground, but seeing only one animal the way I hunt, right then and there I knew this was going to be a tough one. Day 2 I took out a big bodied 4 pointer. Day 3 I went back to the same trail I saw all the sign on and came within a hair of taking out a nice 8 pointer. He stopped in a real good spot for him. I saw a few doe and one more buck on this trail, so overall it was my best day for seeing deer. The last day, I hit the beaches and river. Nothing moving. The sign was there, but real windy and no snow. I actually did some still hunting 200 yards back from the beach and saw some nice sign. With the lack of snow and no migration, This hunt can only be summed up by you can't control mother nature.
    Galiote ... Pretty much the same. The deer were held up with very few sightings. We got my mother on a 8 pointer as my dad. I got an 8 and another nice buck. We filled all tags this week, but it was rough. That pretty much sums up this year on the island. Still have my doubts on the condition of the herd from reports I have been hearing, but with normal winter weather, the hunts at these 2 camps are no brainers. This year proved one thing, no guarantees when it comes to hunting.

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    Trying to post a few pictures, having a problem with the down loads.

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    It was great sharing camp with you. Glad you guys had a better week at Galiotte. And yes, that was quite the walk you took the first day. :)
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    Had a great time with you and the kids. Just a few more chances at Galiotte because of the different areas we had to hunt, but pretty much the same. The deer were locked up tight. Hope with this unreal mild winter, things will get back on track next year. Will be in touch after the holidays....

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    Thanks for all the pictures and report. Nice deer.

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