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Thread: Plow & Disc, or just Disc???

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    Default Plow & Disc, or just Disc???

    After putting away a good amount of firewood the last two springs, and with the purchase of a sub-compact Kubota, next spring looks to be the time to start really trying to improve & expand the food plot(s) at camp.

    So for ground that has never been plowed - just cleared/weedkilled/dragged with a chain harrow - I'm wondering if truly plowing it, like with a single bottom plow, soil buster, etc is necessary before discing or if discing it well with a harrow will be sufficient. Im probably sticking with grasses, clover, brassicas, etc although I wouldnt mind trying some turnips or sugar beets too.

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    Hey Paul,

    We have never plowed our fields, only disced them up really good the first year. After that it is not nearly as bad. It may be quicker work the first year to plow it up, but we didn't bother and have had fine results.

    It will probably depend on your soil type as well and how easy it is to dig up.

    Nice to see you still improving on your place up north!

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    I just started a small plot to experiment. I've been reading this guys interesting stuff.

    This guy works with this co. The Whitetail Forage Radish looks interesting to me . He told me you do not have to till or disc for this. I'm trying it next year for sure.

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