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Thread: 2014 Trapping Year

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    Checked the traps after the snow storm passed today. The area is known for high winds and drifting snow. To combat the elements I wore double pants, double coats, snow shoes, a hat, a scarf, and a pair of leather bomber style mits. Certainly looked homeless with the non matching clothing but kept warm overall. The drifts were well over three feet is some places. Other spots had less than 10" of snow.

    The wind was blowing hard enough that my back trail would blow in in less than 10 minutes. When removing a large male otter from my trap, my hands went numb within minutes. The trap iced up nearly immediately as I pulled the catch. I had to throw the trap in the water to soften the ice then blow the ice off the jaws so the dog would hold the jaw.

    Needless to say, no pictures.
    Nice, you got an otter. I would imagine you wear snowshoes in these conditions?

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    Most years I don't need snow shoes. There is no getting around using them this year. The snow has settled to about 35" in the woods. The marsh grass traps snow making the pack any where from 10 to 40 inches. The suck part with blowing snow is it covers thin ice and makes it difficult to read the dangerous areas.
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    Outdoorsman going out trapping :)
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