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Thread: R.i.p ben(buckshot)

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    Taking my daughter out this morning for muzzleloader season, which in some areas means almost any deer is shootable. I used to dislike wearing orange, but even though I am 43, my mother still insists that I wear an orange vest when ever she can make me do so. Today, Ricci Sue and I won't be leaving the truck without them on, this time not out of guilt brought on by Mom, but because I couldn't imagine losing Ric, or vice versa. I don't think we need another shooting accident this year.
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    OMG - I had seen this in the NH Union Leader but only had time to read the first couple paragraphs of the article. Just catching up on HC now and I am shocked!

    On my drive into work today I was so grumpy becuase it is such a beautiful day and I can't hunt and I was seeing trucks parked on the sides of the road everywhere!

    Now, I just hope that everyone who is out there is safe and hope that we all keep buckshot in mind and each do what we can to prevent another horrific tragedy like this.

    So sad.
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    Unreal...very sad situation- my thoughts to all of buckshot's family and friends. Two weeks in the woods away is good, but coming back to this sort of news is heartbreaking.

    Certainly lends some perspective to everything...
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    Horrible tragedy.

    Condolences to both families as well as friends who will be forever changed. I think once people come to grips with the incident, they can look for what little positive can come from this type of situation......raise awareness to hunter safety, and the accident, while a momentary lapse in judgement with horrible consequences should not define their lives. People close to them will perhaps remember to embrace the outdoor life the way these two men did.

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    Default safe this year guys..
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    Thanks, You too!
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    Yes. Everybody be safe this year and remember Buckshot.

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