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Thread: Give em' hell boys!!!

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    Last night right before dark I punched my tag. 170lb 8pt.
    congrats and x's 2 on the pics and a story
    "The rich who are content to buy what they have not the skill to get by their own exertions, these are the real enemies of the game" Theodore Roosevelt's the principals of the hunt.

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    6pt 163lbs Pittsburg yesterday at 4:33pm. Having trouble uploading a picture, when/if I figure it out I’ll post one. Sorry 802-603 hunter, probly won’t meet you in the woods again this year. Good luck to everybody!

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    Congrats, looking forward to a picture!

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    I hunted the long weekend looking to put some meat in the freezer. I'm a meat hunter so the first legal deer was my target. Saturday the wind and rain was brutal but we stuck it out. Brother and I hunted the morning, then came home pulled the charge and dried her out, then back out in the wind and rain with the wife. Sunday was much nicer, hunted solo in the a.m. and then hunted the evening with my girls up to Shamp. Monday morning I got up late due to being sick during the night. Got on stand about 7am. Around 830 am a nice doe ghosted in to my left. I turned slowly and settled the crosshairs behind her shoulder. Then the dreaded pop-BOOM. As the smoke cleared I watched her run up the hill and over the top out of sight. Lowered the gun and got down and reloaded. Walked over to were she was standing and followed kicked up leaves for 30 yards and found drop of blood. Oh sh*t. Called my brother and he and his kids came up to help track. I walked back to the hit spot and found white hair, not good. We ended up tracking her for 4 hours and spotty blood. The blood finally dried up to a pin drop, then nothing at all. We had tracked roughly a couple miles. Talked with Diane and we both came to the same conclusion, that it was probably just a close shave and flesh wound. Just never know with those smoke poles.

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    First deer of the season seen this morning from my ground blind. Very quiet morning and equally quiet woods.
    Scanned right (180 degree view) and see a deer moving slowly right to left about 50 yards out going through trees, crossed a small wash drainage ditch and through the thicker stuff in front of me. Got it in the scope a couple times but couldn’t grow any was either a lone doe or a spike that hides his spikes well. It went through my blind spot and never came out the other side.
    Nice to see one finally!
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