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Thread: Shot Placement?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NH Hunter View Post
    Why does NHF&G dept go through such efforts to educate on NOT taking shots like that?

    Because a huge percentage of deer hunters shoot their deer rifles less than 5 times a year, They teach to the masses not the exception "as an instructor you should know that."

    As a firearms instructor both as a civilian and in the Marine Corps I teach very differently in my "101" classes than I do in my more advanced classes. Some things I teach are the complete opposite but I'm teaching to the skill level and ability. For example my basic handgun classes I teach to use sights all the way up to the 2 yd line advanced classes i don't let them use sights inside of 12yd line.

    I taught recruits on Parris Island very different than I did a Grunt platoon.
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