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Thread: Dang it. There went the LL Bean Warranty

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    Quote Originally Posted by longbow View Post
    My gosh, you try to provide good products with a guarantee, and people kick you in the balls...
    Their CS reps don't see to discourage any returns. I honestly thought they were allowing that on purpose. I had a conversation with one lady about someone buying a sweater 20 years ago, and would still be able to return it when it got a hole. Her reply....."Yes we warranty all our products regardless of age". I'm not sure they were completely educated on what the company return policy was either.
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    They’ve been in business with the same policy for a long time. They have always considered the expense of the return policy as an advertising or promotional expense and it’s been money well spent. LL Bean is a women’s clothing store masquerading as an outdoor retailer and that’s what they’ve been since before I was born. Apparently it’s finally become a larger expense than the bottom line can handle. I think this is just their way of discouraging the frivolous DB returns.

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    I dare say one of the most abused policies out there. I have zero sympathy for the idiots that are going to complain after abusing the good will of the company for years. Now they will act like victims. They got what they deserve.
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    I always wondered how they made any profit with all the returns, did they really warranty trail cams? I could have saved some money with that.

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