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    Decided to upgrade to a new smoker. The one I have now is a 30 year old Little Chief that was given to me and has been cobbed together with a hot plate, some fire bricks, and wire. It works, but not without some backwoods engineering.

    I have done some research and am looking at a couple options, including whether to go electric or propane. I haven?t done alot of smoking to date so I am looking for others experience with electric vs propane. Pros, cons, etc. One thing I would like to have regardless is access to the chip tray without opening the chamber and losing heat/temp. This seems like a no brainer but most aren?t set up this way.

    For reference I usually smoke about 15# of summer sausage a year and would like to start doing a few roasts and maybe dabble in some smoked cheese as well.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I upgraded my set up about two years ago with a propane smoker. I searched around a lot but ended up going with with the Dyna-Glo regular size (36"), offered by amazon. So far I've been really happy with the set up and the only mods I've made is adding gasket material to the door, to make a bit more air tight, and another thermometer to make sure of the accuracy of my smoking temp. It also has two doors, one just to add chips.

    When I so sausage, I remove the grates and use apple wood branches as racks to hang the meat, and there's plenty of room to do ribs or brisket. It's definitely a lot easier to control the heat than my old charcoal set up but you still cannot just leave it and take off for a few hours. if you want to do that, electric is probably the most convenient. I haven't tried cheese yet, but need to mod the heat source if I wanted to do that.

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