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Thread: Any interest in an Iowa hunt/lease?

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    Not to sound too frank, but here goes; what kind of coin are you looking for? Just a general idea for various set ups. Feel free to PM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ingen View Post
    well if this works out I will likely do this every year. I have a farm that would work very well for a couple guys bowhunting during the rut for a couple weeks. It is near the town of Osceola. there are quite a few motels and places to eat there. Cost will depend on number of people and how long you want to hunt or if you want a season long lease..whether you want to scout it and hang stands yourself or if you want food plots and stands already there.
    If this works out well it could end up an evwry 4th year deal. As that is how long it takes to draw a tag. We could only hunt a max of 2 consecutive weeks so I am not sure a season long lease would make sense or not. We would only be able to make it out there once in hunting season most likely. Stands we would probably do ourselves although a bit of a headstart might be helpful the first time out. Would like to hear more details about the farm(s), acreage, percentage of timber, anticipated costs etc.
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