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Thread: The ones that got away

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    Quote Originally Posted by VTHunter08 View Post
    Some good prospects right there! Man that first one is wide!

    I put 3 cameras out the day after muzzleloader season in hopes of seeing some survivors. we'll see

    mmmmmm yyooggaa pantssss
    I'd love to have cameras out in his area but don't dare with snow, my cameras would be taken in no time i think. Not to start the whole Vermont AR debate but I'm seeing alot better buck now then I ever have, I'd have to guess part of it is me getting older and a better hunter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vtfreezerfiller View Post
    I'd have to guess part of it is me getting older and a better hunter.

    This is me too. I used to shoot a deer or two every single year. It was hard to make the transition, but I'm interacting with much better bucks now, and I get the idea they were always there...

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    Guess i'll make it 3 years chasing this fat boy. My honey hole has more bucks on camera but I'd love to put a tag this guy that has been so good at outsmarting me, so guess it'll be the big woods for me this weekend.

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    Good luck!

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