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Thread: Her Streak of Luck Continues

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big D View Post
    What do you do just pour in a packet of the seasoning before the canning process? Or do you mix w/ the meat before you put in the jar? Like you just said also, don't add water.
    Yeah so I pack the jars as tight as possible, use a knife or something to get all the air bubbles out, and fill it to the "shoulders" of the jar. Then I put 1-2tsp of non iodized salt on top, and then whatever seasons you want right on top. Warm your lids in hot water, seal the jars, then pressure cook at 10-12lbs or 90min. I've done 3 different seasons this year. Fajita, French Onion, and Beefy Onion. I use the season packets and I put a whole pack in with a quart jar. The beefy onion I also threw some mushrooms, and onion in with it. Pretty tasty

    This was from yesterday

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    Thanks for the info.
    I love it when a plan comes together!

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