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Thread: Early Season Buck Behavior

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    My Dad had a buck crash into his stand area 2 days ago and start chasing around a doe. Probably as stated, it's young bucks being curious, but it's also possible a couple does could be getting close. Most of the places I read state that the Vermont youth opener, the 4th, is basically the changeover from the seeking to actual chasing phase. That's only 3 weeks away up there.....
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    Went out last evening for the first time since the 9/15 archery opener...trying out a new ground blind that I set up a week before. Around 6pm just before sunset it was dead calm and I see a deer straight out in front of me between 30-40 yards in brush. As luck would have it I goofed and made a noise reaching for my crossbow and at the “click” she immediately zeroed in on my location. She didn’t spook but she was moving slowly back and forth trying to see or wind me...then I noticed another deer facing away from me watching the other doe intently and not moving. The doe that was trying to figure me out finally moved to my left into thicker brush and I lost sight of her...eventually the smaller doe moved off in the same direction. At one point I had a broadside shot at the bigger doe but held off as it was getting dark quickly and I didn’t feel like tracking in the dark. Fun to see them though and watch their behavior!

    WHOOPS! I think I meant this post to be in the “Anyone seeing or shooting deer?” Under deer hunting.
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