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    How far do you travel in NH to help a hunter from your location?

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    weve gone hour and half but prefer less
    theres a ton of trackers in some areas so we try to be respectful and refer to them if the call is in their area
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    wow I'm way behind

    Trustbut Verify (and still be confused)
    Went on a track an hour away last night
    Hit site you could see where the deer turned and ran. But first blood was not for several yards
    We started tracking close to 10 pm

    Right away as hunter is showing us his first blood sign, Bella indicated deer went other way but we had to follow the track to confirm that.Bella was frantic trying to get us to go "the right way"but we made her follow track the way the hunter had gone.

    Decent dripping blood sign goes up hill. significant dripping sign each place deer stood still. No beds, no stumbles, no falls.
    At the top of hill where hunter and friend lost sign we cast dog about but she indicated nothing except wanting to go back down
    Followed dog at least twice down and she indicated crossing stone wall same place. Finally Let her cross and followed her. zero blood sign though dog was strong, so pulled off and went back up again. At first blood Bella say down and refused to come with me wanting to go back the direction she said deer went but I got her convinced to go up one last time

    Cast farther out beyond hunter's last blood, still nothing so let dog come back down again
    at this point Rob finds drip blood sign indicating downhill travel confirming Bella saying deer turned and went back down
    Down near first blood was what hunter had thought was part of first blood but actually was last blood

    The deer had come down hill on same path then veered off and stood in this thick bush a while. Blood was on top of the leaves of the bush(not wipe on , actual dripped onto) at a fairly high height of my pant waist height.
    one more splotch of blood indicating path down then zero blood that we could see.

    We let Bella follow track out and she took me back (cutting across) to where I had pulled her off before, then wound her way to road near where we parked and across road. Deer tracks in ditch at crossing but no blood. We called track here

    peach colored line is where deer path actually most likely was

    Dont know what to say

    Did not appear to be a chest hit. Thinking shoulder or head. Loud wack noise indicates bone

    no arrow found.

    ZERO beds

    The fact that blood just stopped baffles us. I mean we do see this from time to time, but not usually so completely with this much blood
    GREAT JOB Bella

    A Mess

    Tracking wounded game has some amazing highs,heartbreaking lows and moments of total bafflement where you'd pay any sum of money for your dog to talk.

    Wewent on a track last night that had a difficulty level 9 for many reasons, the biggest one being because Bella cant speak English.

    We knew going into the track that human contamination was going to be a 12 on a scale of 1-10. The doe did not bleed at the shot site. The hunter backed out for a bit to get help and give the doe some time. When he came back the mother of all searches ensued.Grids, circles, loops, you name it they did it trying to find blood sign.
    The guys are amazing and they found blood, but the blood sign made zero sense with circles loops and back tracks.

    With the hit site basically being ground zero in a search bomb we made the(wrong) decision to start at last blood. Right off Bella said we were going the wrong way, but sometimes that is what she says when we start at last blood as she has not had time to orient to the deer and we work it out. So we pushed her to follow the other way and she did but eventually gave me the lost sign indication.
    So we started again to same affect.

    Did an intensive field search through head high dense weeds and multiflora rose. Checked every possible place for a dead deer or an exit path all to no avail.

    Made our way to the stretch across the field in the woods with better effort and more blood. Bella took me up and over the hill across a dry stream bed and straight up a steep hill. Having seen no bloodsign coming from a decent amount I took her back assuming this was the track of one of the young deer that had stepped in the blood too.Hunter showed me a fair splash of blood and again Bella said we were heading wrong way. She tried to take me back to that hill.

    Instead I made her come back to field and extensively search more to no effect.. In all we searched for 2-3 hours.
    We checked a roadside ditch as we were leaving too

    I kept telling Rob I was sure the deer was up the hill and as soon as I downloaded the gps off the handheld to the computer I could see Bella was right and her handler was a moron

    Tanline is what I am fairly sure deer did (I did not mark all blood sothere is more loops actually than shown on the probable doe path)
    On the plus side there's 5+ acres that I am certain there is no deaddeer in LOL


    Twoover the weekend

    Two tracks. One friday one today
    Friday was a high hit buck. about 15 hours old. Hunter had already tracked it about a mile. We followed it from minimal blood to an area under conifers where the buck had spent a lot of time walking around and two hand sized spots blood.Looked like it had been trying to groom it's wound.
    After that point no more blood
    Got out on a power line and headed up a ways before crossing our entrance road and heading back the way he came.
    Called this o

    Monday was a high down angled hit. Hunter left to help friend track deer right after hit so buck was totally unpressured 4.5 hours.
    On and off blood from dollar bill to quarter sized to where hunter had pulled out to call us
    Track was around 16 hours old when we started

    Bella followed to hunters hat and was very excited. Found a bit more blood then Tried to pull me through a slash downhill area and before I broke my leg I pulled her left around it at which point she air scented a long way with no sign then head down tracked to the edge of a steep down hill

    Before we committed to the slide down we took Bella allll the way back to last blood to restart
    Ran into some sun and dry area scenting conditions, worked through that found more blood. More bad scenting conditions, then more blood including an area where the deer coughed up a large puddle then a speck more blood, then more bad scenting conditions.
    Finally a good downhill stretch and a small smudge of blood

    Then out on to a tote road where Bella had too much scent problems.
    We decided to walk the road and if Bella took the crossing where she had gone to the edge of the steep hill we would follow her, if not then we'd quit

    Crossed that track and thought well she was not going to care, when head came up and she whipped around and dragged me back and followed nearly exactly her prior path.

    Followed the track down the incredibly steep hill and across a swamp and brook.
    We then hit a sun baked dry as a bone scentless area. Worked and worked it and finally took a break. The whole break Bella is uncharacteristically trying to go track

    Got up to restart and she dragged me right along. Hunter's friend found a single small dot of blood head high on the deer so likely a nose drip

    Then got into scent hell. Bella tried and tried but could not lock on well enough.
    Would have liked to kept at it but by now we had been working this track about 4.5 hours and we were all tired and starving so hung it up
    Most likely a single lung hit

    Short but sweet
    Bella did a short track on a gut shot doe for a hunter we've tracked for before
    Arrow went in perfect for a lung hit but exited just in front of opposite hind leg

    Hunter knew the arrow had gone awry and planted arrow at blood sign and did the right thing and left

    Bella knew where the doe was on the walk in she was trying to take us uphill before we even got to the stand, but we made her start at hit site and she make short work of the track super accurately

    Even though it was short it was perfect

    Perfect hunter behavior not pushing a bad arrow hit
    Perfect dog work
    Good job
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    Win some lose some

    Two tracks today

    Track one was a "Peace of mind" track

    Local Hunter had hit a deer high that morning and only a few drops blood in one spot

    We went into this track knowing the result, but were glad to provide peace of mind to a hunter.

    Buck had been about 15 yards out the arrow went way high, he bounded off tail up. At the point he stopped the hunter found about 2/3 of the arrow and the only blood, just a few small spots

    Bella had a hard time picking up the track. She is trained to follow injured deer- the scent of which is a combination of adrenaline, fear, personal scent and blood. In lightly hit deer they often don't put out enough wounded deer scent. Thus causing Bella to say "not dead"

    I cast her about a bit and she checked many deer runs in this oak area. Each time tossing her head saying "not this way"

    She picked up a faint scent and followed it around, but I think this was older scent same buck as she gave me the not dead, not right sign so we went back again to the arrow and cast a last time and finally she hit on his exit path. Fresh tracks this buck's size as evidence.

    Bella pulled me along and the track went up to the woods at the back of a heavily visited field with apple trees and she indicated that the buck had gone towards a strip of woods that leads to a road crossing, still saying "Not dead mum"-so I called the track.

    Deer traveled a half mile from shot site to my calling point.
    lol it's 1/2 mile not 12 as photo shows

    Track two about an hour away, was a gut shot doe, arrowed at 7:30 am and jumped once when they went in four hours later.

    Hunter and friend had followed the track with good blood sign about 176 yards to the point they jumped her and a bit beyond that and they flagged it well.

    Bella followed the good track well, we got to the last flag and sporadic good blood beyond that. The doe made a sharp left turn and there was one more section of decent blood then it quit.

    Bella kept following without hesitation and there was small random blood dots. She got to a low wet area and made a circle. The blood totally ended here. Picked up the doe's exit path from the low area and followed at increasing speed, up to the edge of a deep small rectangular man made pond with steep sides. Bella dove over the edge into the water and I looked up to the other end and there was a pile of junk in the water. Car parts, seats, junk etc..The water was just evil

    I got Bella out asap and saw what I thought was the deer in the water, but it could have been a car seat. LOL

    Bella and I skirted the bank and as we got closer it was indeed the doe. She was dead in about 6' of water.

    The hunter held a tree and managed to grab her ear and he and Rob dragged her up the bank. She was still warm and newly dead.

    Rob and hunter dragged her intact back to tree stand area and gutted her then we dragged her to hunter's back yard and completely hosed off and out the deer and hosed Bella and her harness off.

    Total distance from tree stand to water hole was 352 yards, so Bella and hunter tracked the same distance. In this 74 degree heat, Bella finding the doe so fast saved the meat.

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