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Thread: 2018 Trap Line

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    Default Crazy Winter

    This winter I wanted ice so bad that I could taste it. And, I got ice. Ice and cold that I don?t ever recall having so much of for 3 weeks. Then out of no where the temperature switch changed to spring conditions and all that ice was gone.

    Spring beaver trapping in February? It happened for a week. Then the rain and wind came. I was ready to mount a new attack when the wind subsided but a snow storm came. I happily plowed that storm eager to get back out somewhere with my traps.

    Then another snow storm came. I again happily plowed the storm and began thinking about beaver trapping opportunities snowed out.

    How the hell can a person be snowed out of beaver trapping? Well, there is no place to park while on the water. In less than a week my area went from zero snow to about 39 inches of snow on the ground.

    Pelts rapidly decline after April 1st in my area and animals are not worth pursuing after that date for fur reasons.


    Pushing some snow back.

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