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Thread: Photobucket

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    Thought I'd drop this here...

    update, not sure how well known this is at this point...

    Can't take credit, but look here if you use google chrome:

    Updated link in post #7... "Photobucket embed fix"... it's basically an extension you load into google chrome which allows you to see previously embedded PB pics instead of the "please update your account to enable third party hosting" placeholder that has shredded so many threads.

    I can only report it worked for me no issues at work...I'll be doing it again at home tonight. It's a temporary fix that allows you to see the pics, no more, but is helpful if there are threads you want to pdf, or otherwise save even if just to see what pics go in what order if and when you want to salvage them from another hosting site.

    FYI, no warranty expressed or implied

    (it obviously only works if the pics havent been deleted from PB...)
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    Just heard about that. Gotta think PB will find a way around it though. They seem hell bent. We'll see.
    I love it when a plan comes together!

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