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Thread: So what's the deal with Gander Mtn.?

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    Default So what's the deal with Gander Mtn.?

    I saw a commercial last night for Gander Mountain's going out of business sale. I tried finding a website for online purchases, but didn't have any luck. Is this and in store only sale? Did they ever have on line ordering? I've never purchased a thing from them, and never visited their site prior to seeing the sale. Anyone else buy from them? I'm guessing not so much if they are going through a bankruptcy .

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    I used to shop there in the early 2000s. They were all we had in Upstate NY. They were pretty decent, but they stepped on their dicks. They built too many stores, and then they went a little loopy and took the taxidermy out of the stores, trying to appeal to the hipster crowd. When they built a few stores near us, they seemed incredible at the time. Then I went to the Cabelas and Bass Pro down in Pennsylvania and the Gander Mountain seemed very small after that. Still too bad to see a classic outdoor retailer go out of business. I used to love getting there catalog when I was a kid. All the old Trebark camo and Oneida bows!
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    I remember back in the 70's Cabelas and Gander Mt were big catalog sales competitors. Then Cabelas somehow made a deal(bought out?) Gander Mt. and Gander Mt catalogs dissapeared in the deal. Gander Mt. started opening stores some time after that. That's how I remember it. As far as on line ordering I don't know.

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    Only been to Gander Mt in NY once. As mentioned, small store compared to Cabelas.
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