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  1. Hi Jay,

    I didn't realize I had a message until today. So I apolagize for not getting back to you. You're not very far from some good hunting right in Hollis. I just checked the Harvest report and they took 116 deer out of Hollis with a 3.67 kill/sq mile. I used to hunt Hollis by Rocky Pond but your best bet would be to try and get access to some area that borders some of the farms. Maybe even call some farmers. As far as hunting with others, I'm a loner by choice. I have a group of guys that are my hunting buddies but we each go our own way and hunt different towns except when we hunt in Maine at my buddy's camp. We do call each other if someone needs help dragging one out or tracking. I can give you a couple tips that have helped me. Get a quality scouting camera(s) to help you find what the deer are doing. I have several cameras and will rotate checking one camera a week. So essentially I'm scouting year round. If you need to get away from hunters, take up bow hunting. I always hang my treestand facing northwest since the wind primarily (not always though) will come from a westerly direction and will be blowing behind you. If you find a nice deer trail, follow it into the thick stuff - that is where they will be during daylight hours and set your stand in this location. It doesn't matter if you can see real far. One last thing is go to your stand in the dark in the morning or stay until last light. I've seen most of my deer at first or last light.

    Good Luck!
  2. Hi Gray,
    I know this is a strange request but I live in Nashua off rt 130. Actually I am not sure if you are familiar with the area but i live directly across the street from the country barn motel on the hollis line. I am a few houses down from the boat launch to the nashua river. So why am I sending you this message? I have seen you post on here quite a bit, I am new to hunting as in I dont know what I am doing but have been trying for some tme now. I have had no luck what so ever. I would die to get a bear but honestly I would settle for a small doe. My wife grew up in Texas and her whole family were hunters. This blows my mind but they would go deer hunting in the morning and then at night when they came home, they would have a deer in the truck.... I mean woooooah thats a crazy concept for me. lol Ok so all kidding aside, I have logged so many hours in the woods and really never have had any luck at all. I dont know what I am doing and have only actually seen a deer when deer hunting a handful of times. Never within range.... I consider myself a very good shot and really want to go hunting. My wife has no faith in me anymore. Back in the day when we first were married and I would go hunting I would get the questions, did you get one? Then it was did you see one? Then did you hear one..... Eventually did you see any tracks,,,, To now just a hi hun and talks about somethign random not even remotely thinking I am going to see or hear anything lol.... You seem to post a lot on here and seem to know what your doing, I was wondering if you would consider helping me out and maybe helping me get a deer, bear, anything... I am married and have three kids, I work out of my house and honestly dont hang out with anyone. Knowbody I know hunts at all, my best friend who I hunted with ended up dieing a years back and then I started hunting with another guy the past few years and he just moved down south to Louisiana. So I would never share a hunting spot with anyone as I really dont talk to anyone other then family and a few friends who dont hunt.... I woudl love to hunt in a place I can use my new 30-06 but I have a 12 guage slug gun and a black powder as well.....I am thinking you are not to far from me and I know everyone is very busy with life especially this time of year... I wasnt going to even buy a license this year as everywher eI go in hollis is so full and not worth it anymore.. Again I feel weird asking a stranger for help and honestly I dont want you to think you have to I hate putting you on the spot. I am not sure how you do everyyear and if you think you could even get me into a spot where I could potentially get something. I know if I can pull the trigger it will go down but I just havent been able to pull that trigger yet lol... Let me know your thoughts and either way I appreciate you taking the time to hear me out..

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